What Tools or DOS software, to you use, to determine this? And this is what’s been puzzling me–if you make a card that handles CF only, you can simplify the design greatly–basically all you need to do is buffer the data lines and decode the address lines. I was able to turn the game port and CD-ROM connector off easily and configure the wavetable header to port It insists on enabling WSS which is obviously not gonna work on 8-bit. There was a certain ESS card I tried and didn’t like because it could only play a couple of sounds at a time, or would play the first half of a sound and cut off the rest. Also the game had some minor SFX issues on that particular codec.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that it can’t be set to the normal hardware addresses of a primary or secondary IDE channels, h and IRQ10 worked for me however which I think is the loosely defined quaternary IDE channel. It’s using the ESF chipset, the specs of which can be found here: Does it work in an 8-bit slot? I like the mixer tool, it works great and makes it easy to create a simple batch file to get the card going.

Re: ESS ES1868 sound card not working after update to Etch

I was about to give up and put the SB16 back soumd when I noticed this humble looking card, pulled from a junked Socket 7 machine at some time in the past and kept because it had a wavetable header: Was this for some kind of proprietary Compaq bus? Plutothe maxed out Dell Dimension Maybe after reading this thread I should consider activating it again Do you know the differences between ES and ES? It sounds like a great idea to me.


Perhaps this is Windows only option via the generic WSS 2. There is lots of good stuff to talk about.

ESS Audio 1868 ISA Sound Card

PnP utility will work with the card in 8-bit slot. I believe it has more channels than the real thing, which the Windows MIDI driver can use sounr full 4-op sound. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. This site hosts no abandonware.

I bought it new for a Pentium if I remember correctly. I forget which one it was. Tyrian is a challenging one for clones.

Re: ESS ES sound card not working after update to Etch

Only negative I found is that on all 3 cards the wavetable Stereo gets reversed. Setup was easy enough and the Sound Blaster Pro compatibility seemed to be good, but it sounded like my speakers had been immersed in water. I was able to turn the game port and CD-ROM connector off easily and configure the wavetable header to port I tried 3 of these things, a YMF,and Probably has something to do with their application in mobile devices and digicams.


Since it have a Wavetable, does anyone know a good daughterboard that I can buy from Ebay? It gives you a message about this and that you need to use ICU software.

ESS AudioDrive Esf Vintage Retro ISA Sound Audio Card Kwx-sc Mpb | eBay

But anyway, re-using these sound cards in this way would be very cool if it can be made spund work with the PnP thing. SYS driver worked best for me. The wavetable is muted by default, and it’s labelled ‘Aux1’ or something like that. The on board amp can be turned off easily via jumpers. When you add IDE hard drives, things get more complicated.

Was a great card back in the day, excellent value and the compatibility was amazing. The useful item in the datasheet is that the reference circuit pretty closely matches including the IDE port the FX board. EXE is likewise easy to use, and allowed me to set the MIDI and CD volumes both muted by defaultand the volume levels were es168 first time which is a rare thing in my experience.

So 8-bit portion should work. Return to General Old Hardware. It seems to give popping noises on anything other than a Sound Blaster. Paint Shop Pro 3.